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5/16/2011 - Proxibid - Real Plums Partnership Unites Gameplay with Auctions on Facebook
OMAHA, NE - May 16, 2011 - Proxibid, the world’s largest real auction marketplace, and fast growing Huntsville, AL-based social gaming start-up Real Plums, Inc. are partnering to transform Auction Plums™ from a Facebook game into a $3 billion predictive commerce community where virtual gameplay forecasts future auction prices.  Proxibid is taking an equity stake in Real Plums, creating a partnership that unites social gaming with actual auction commerce, turning gamers into bidders and bidders into gamers.  Auction Plums is already in limited alpha release on Facebook.

Auction Plums’ forthcoming beta release will combine social gameplay with e-commerce in an app which allows users to bid on virtual versions of upcoming auction items, predicting future prices as they level-up in the game’s virtual economy.  This unique play>know>do engine supports a user base of gamers who want to play, shoppers who want to know what gamers say and predict, and buyers who want to do business on the same compelling platform.

Real Plums’ novel approach has attracted a veteran team from social gaming powerhouses. Proxibid’s industry-leading online auction marketplace completes Real Plums’ play>know>do platform, promising a whole new “gaming meets commerce” paradigm.

“We are thrilled to work with Real Plums to reach a new, untapped audience,” said Proxibid CEO, Bruce Hoberman who is joining Real Plums’ Board of Directors.  “Proxibid is committed to reaching every potential online bidder and this partnership will allow us to connect with the world’s largest online audience.”

Real Plums CEO David Fuller adds, “Proxibid brings unrivaled capabilities to Auction Plums.  We share Proxibid’s culture of constant improvement, so we are truly excited to be partnering with their great team and incorporating their game changing technology.”

“Auction Plums gives us first-mover advantage in taking gamification to a whole new level,” said Proxibid President, Ryan Downs who is also joining Real Plums’ Advisory Board.  “This partnership further exemplifies our commitment to bringing new and exciting products to our growing auction community.”

About Proxibid  

Omaha-based Proxibid brings auctioneers and bidders together for a world-class online auction experience.  Since 2002, the Company has worked with more than 2,500 auctioneers to bring more than 35,000 auctions to a global, online audience.  With registered bidders from more than 190 countries, no other provider in the industry connects more buyers and sellers than Proxibid.  The Company’s proprietary live Internet bidding service and Web site were developed by auctioneers and industry-leading professionals to provide our bidders with the most user-friendly and comprehensive online auction experience possible.

Proxibid’s customer service and support is unmatched in the industry.  The company’s toll-free support center is open before, during and after every live auction, and is staffed with bi-lingual auction specialists who assist both bidders and auctioneers.  For more information about Proxibid, please visit us online at www.proxibid.com.

About Real Plums

Real Plums™ unites social gaming with real world commerce.  Its first release, Auction Plums™, turns gamers into bidders and bidders into gamers.  Already playable on Facebook, Auction Plums’ official beta launch is coming in Spring, 2011.  Real Plums is headquartered in Biztech, Huntsville, AL’s high-tech commercial incubator.  For more information, please visit www.RealPlums.com.