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Exciting 3 Day Auction for ALL Doll Lovers

by Theriault's
Sat, Apr  19, 2008  11:00 AM   Eastern

100s more antique dolls in all categories, along with dollhouses, antique toys, lead soldiers, vintage teddy bears, early paper dolls, a fine collection of American composition dolls and more.

German bisque character, 525, by Kley and Hahn with very rare body style 500/800

Lot #301 (Sale Order 301 of 310)

Bisque socket head, blue glass sleep eyes, painted lashes and brows, closed mouth modeled as though open, brunette mohair bobbed wig, chubby composition body is wonderfully muscle/baby fat detailed, and is an unusual transition of baby and toddler style). Marked "K&H 525 Germany 4". Excellent condition, body near mint, very rare, and wonderfully shaped. Kley and Hahn, circa 1915.

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