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by Nest Egg Estate Sales LLC
Event Begins: Tuesday,  June  7,  5:00 PM Pacific
First lots ends Saturday,  June  11,  10:00 AM Pacific
Last lot ends Saturday,  June  11,  10:00 AM Pacific
It feels like the closing chapter in the history of The Blackbird Granary Antiques & Curiosities. The building is officially demolished and gone. The last thing on the property that resembles my moms dream, now needs to be removed. For those of you who don’t know, my mom‘s dream literally went up in flames in October. She had built a business in Mount Angel, Oregon at the historic Wilco feed store. 6,800sq ft of treasures! The company in charge of demolition is wanting it removed ASAP. She’s been feeling some pressure. Maybe she’s been dragging her feet because of everything that life’s thrown at us? But reflecting on it, maybe she’s needed some help closing the final chapter of this part of her life? Either way, as hard as it is going to be, to see this truck leave the property it is time. The winning bidder needs to remove the truck off of the property by Monday June 13th, by 5pm. Ironically my mom‘s birthday is Monday, June 13. Let’s see if we can make her a little bit of money to use to find some joy next week and move on to the next adventure in this journey called Life. Cheers, Xoxo The Davis Family
1950 CHEV. Flat Bed 1950 CHEV. Flat Bed

1950 CHEV. Flat Bed

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Antique truck from the Blackbird Granary. 1950 CHEV. Flatbed truck. Non running. Was her dream truck for her shop. Would make great yard art. Must be picked up Monday June 13th by 5pm. Bidder is responsible for removal and all removal costs.

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