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2008 Transformers Botcon Signed Lithograph 3/30/23

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2008 Transformers Botcon Signed Lithograph 3/30/23

by (Christopher Noon, Auctioneer - PA Lic#AU005664)
Event Begins: Wednesday,  March  29,  1:10 PM Eastern
First lots ends Thursday,  March  30,  1:10 PM Eastern
Last lot ends Thursday,  March  30,  1:10 PM Eastern
Timed Auction Event - Will End 3/30/23.
Signed  Signed

Signed "One Generation Shattered" Transformers 2008 Botcon Lithograph

Lot #1610 (Sale Order 1 of 1)

Limited Edition, Full Color, 24" X 18" Lithograph Commissioned for the 2008 Official Botcon Transformers Convention. Features Artwork by Alex Milne. Signed by the Artist. Ships Rolled. Comes as shown in photos. Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Bumblebee Poster Convention 2008 Botcon Megatron Movie Poster Botcon 2007 Timelines Games of Deception Convention Exclusive Comic Book Program TFCC TFC Transformers Collector's Club Botcon Ephemera Comic Con Comiccon SDCC Vintage Toy Auction

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