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Lot Closed

This item is in Topeka , KS

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Item Details

CW-265BLW - 12" Overall Length - Surgical Steel Blade - Black Pakawood Handle - Leather Sheath


PAYMENT - Payment may be By Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Bidders will be charged immediately with the credit card on file with the Online provider you registered with. Should the credit card be declined, an additional 2% buyer's premium may be charged.

Auction Details

Estate Blade Auction Part 3201 SE 59th St , Topeka , KS, 66619Friday, Mar 11, 2016 | 7:00 PM CST
This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

Terms Of Sale

All sales made only in accordance with these terms. Please read them carefully. By registering to bid, or placing a bid, you accept and agree to abide by these terms. Announcements day of Auction day take precedence over printed material. 1. BUYERS PREMIUM - On-line bidders using Proxibid.com will pay 15%. 2. PAYMENT - Payment may be by Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Online bidders will be charged immediately with the credit card on file with the Online provider you registered with. Should the credit card be declined, an additional 2% buyer's premium may be charged. (Shipping charges will be billed separately from your auction purchase(s), and will include amounts for shipping, insurance, materials & labor, SEE #5 BELOW) 3. AS IS / WHERE IS - Generally, items in this auction are sold as is, where is?, with no guarantee whatsoever. Guns and ammunition are specifically NOT warranted for shooting. Any used firearm should be inspected by a competent gunsmith for safety, function, and proper ammunition type before attempting to fire. Any description of mechanical function or condition does NOT mean the gun has been inspected or Okayed for shooting. Ammunition of unknown origin should not be fired, and the ammunition in this sale is sold for salvage of components or as collectibles only. 4. ACCURACY OF DESCRIPTION IS NOT GUARANTEED - Although we do our best to provide good descriptions and enjoy a good reputation in this regard, no portion of any description is guaranteed. Such qualities as condition, age, origin, historical attribution, quality, originality, measurement, significance, percentage of finish, alteration, restoration, and estimated value are opinion only, and are not guaranteed. You are strongly urged to inspect each item on which you bid and to base your bids on your own opinions and observations. 5. SHIPPING & REMOVAL - Purchase is final upon the auctioneer’s pronouncement of 'sold', and buyer assumes all risk & responsibility for the purchase at this point. Buyer must remove items day of sale unless other arrangements have been made. On most cataloged items, Kull Auction Co. will pack & ship for you if you wish at your expense & risk. Basic shipping charges, (under $500 total value) inside the continental U.S. (lower 48) are expected to be $40 for the first long gun, plus $20 for each additional that can be packed in the same box: antiques handguns or modern handguns (under $500 total value) shipped to FFL Dealers for $25 for a single handgun, $15 for each additional handgun in the same box. Federal law requires the C&R handguns shipped to C&R licensees go via common carrier air service, and the usual charge for the will be around $50 for the first handgun, plus additional for additional items in the same box. All C&R handguns shipped to California must be shipped to an FFL dealer. These are average estimates; oversize, special packing or high value, (over $500.) etc., will increase shipping costs. Shipping prices will vary based on insured value, destination, method & packaging. Shipping charges will be billed separately from your auction purchase(s), and will include amounts for shipping, insurance, materials & labor. Shipping questions contact Chance@ArmsBid.com We WILL NOT SHIP: ammo to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska or Massachusetts. We do not ship primers, powder, unusually bulky or heavy or odd shaped items. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS OF FIREARMS OR RELATED MATERIAL THROUGH PROXIBID.COM or ICOLLECTOR.COM! INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS MAY BID, HOWEVER ALL BIDS MUST BE PROCESSED THROUGH OUR OFFICE. ONCE ACCEPTED AND YOU ARE THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER, ARRANGEMENTS FOR EXPORT, MUST BE ARRANGED BY YOU AT YOUR RISK AND EXPENSE. *** NO EXCEPTIONS *** For International bidding, please contact Chance@ArmsBid.com 6. SALE OF FIREARMS - All sales of firearms will be in strict compliance with all firearms laws & regulations. 7. ABSENTEE BIDS - If you cant attend the auction, you can place an absentee bid by mail or fax, or may bid by phone. Details and the absentee bid form are in the back of this catalog. Successful absentee bidders should receive their invoices from Kull Auction within about 5 days of the sale and must pay promptly. 8. ANTIQUE, MUZZLE-LOADING & AIR GUNS - Marked “antique”, “non-ffl” or “perc” in this catalog, may be picked up the day of auction, or may be shipped directly to absentee bidders unless your local or state law has restricts this. It is our policy not to sell these items to individuals who would not be eligible to purchase modern firearms. By bidding on these, you represent that you are not a minor, convicted felon, drug addict, illegal alien, mentally defective individual, or other person who would be restricted from buying modern firearms, and that such purchase is legal your home area. Absentee bidders purchasing these items may be asked to send a copy of their driver's license w/ payment. 10. MODERN FIREARMS - Marked FFL? or C&R? in catalog. Kull Auction & Real Estate Company Co. Inc. is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL), and you can purchase these guns the same way you would from a gun shop. Live bidders may fill out the required form 4473, and get an instant FBI NICS background check by phone at the auction after you pay. If your NICS background check clears, as is usually the case, you can take the guns the same day. If there is a NICS delay, you will need to come back after NICS clears you. * Modern long guns can be sold live and transferred to residents of States contiguous of Kansas. * Modern hand guns can be sold live at the auction ONLY to residents of Kansas. Residents of other states may bid on & buy modern handguns, but must arrange shipment of modern handguns to an FFL dealer in their home state. 11. OUT OF STATE AND ABSENTTEE BIDDERS can have guns shipped to FFL dealers in their home town. Most gun shops will receive these for you and legally transfer them to you for a modest fee. You will need to have them send Kull Auction & Real Estate Co. a signed copy of their FFL with your name, noting it is for your purchases. Fax: 785-862-8811 or scan & email to Bids@KullAuction.com. Don’t forget to include your name/paddle #. 12. FFL LICENSEES - FFL Dealers are welcome to bid & buy. You will need a signed copy of your FFL for Kull Auction Co., the transferee for this sale. We’re glad to sell C&R eligible guns to C&R (federally licensed firearms collectors). If you believe a gun is a C&R that we have not noted, it will be your responsibility to prove to us that it is C&R eligible if you wish to buy it on your license. Any such question will have to wait until after the other aspects of the auction have been settled to be addressed. 13. By placing a bid on ProxiBid.com, Icollector.com or any other online service, you request and authorize us to bid on the lots up to the stated bid price. An Online employee or Kull Auction staff member will bid on your behalf, as if you were present. We assume no responsibility for failure to execute absentee bids for any reason whatsoever.