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Lot Closed

This item is in CANTON, MS

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Payment Instructions: Winning bidders wishing to pay in person MUST pay by certified check or cash on Tues Jan 28, 9:00 - 12:00 or on Wed Jan 29, 9:00 - 12:00. All other payments are due by Thursday Jan 30, 12:00 noon by bank wire transfer or credit card. *Credit card payments must be initiated by winning bidder. Payments are not automatically charged. Credit card entered upon registration is for identification purposes only. 10% Buyers Premium will be added on to the hammer price of each item. Other fees such as taxes and title fees may apply. Mississippi State Sales Tax: 7%: General Sales Tax (applied to all sales NOT falling under a different tax bracket OR being exempt from sales tax) 5%: Automobile Sales Tax 3%: 1. Truck Sales Tax (2 Ton or Heavier Rated Trucks, Semis) 2. 5th Wheel Trailers (Pulled By Semi) 1.5%: 1. Manufacturing Equipment (Lathes, Welders, etc. Must Be Used in a Manufacturing Business Producing New Goods; HOBBY, HOME, OR GENERAL SHOPS DO NOT APPLY, otherwise 7%) 2. Forestry / Logging Equipment- Defined as Equipment or maintenance parts used in the direct harvesting of logging, pulpwood, or tree farming. (Must be a Professional Logger as defined by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative AND Must present their Professional Loggers Permit. Equipment must be self-propelled, or permanently attached to self propelled equipment, or permanently attached to other equipment drawn by a self propelled vehicle, as described in MS Tax Commission Notice- 72-09-004, otherwise 7%) 3. Farm Equipment- Defined as Farm Tractors and Farm Implements and Parts used directly in the production of POULTRY, RATITE, DOMESTICATED FISH, LIVESTOCK, LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS, AGRICULTURAL CROPS, OR ORNAMENTAL PLANT CROPS. (If Claiming Farming as Primary occupation/income on State/Fed Tax Return, Implements must attach to a Farm Tractor for operation, AND purchaser must sign an affidavit of farm purchases MS Form 72-620-01-1-1-000(Rev. 7/09), otherwise 7%) Exemptions: 1.Must present valid resale tax exempt number and/or designated agent number OR I.R.P. number. 2.Any vehicle (Automobile, Semi Truck, Trailers etc.) requiring a license plate tag for operation on legal right of ways, purchased in Mississippi by an out-of-state resident, will be exempt from MS state sales tax, by signing exemption claim form for MS, but will pay applicable sale tax in home state. 3.Any purchase made offsite out of state AND the item is shipped out of state to the purchaser is exempt from MS state sales tax. (Local state sales tax may apply. Purchaser is responsible for paying any applicable tax in home state.) Sales Tax and fees will be collected where applicable Other fees MAY apply: $15.00 wire transfer fee (per wire)$50 International Wire fee. 7% Mississippi State Sales Tax (when applicable, see terms and conditions) 3% convienience fee for credit card payment $50.00 Mississippi Trauma Care fee on ATVs, Motorcycle, and etc, puchases Applys to end users not dealers with valid resale tax number $25.00 Title fee for all Vehicles required by Mississippi to be titled Does not apply to Auto dealers with valid resale tax number $55.00 Fast Track Title Fee Payment Methods: Wire Transfer ($15.00 wire transfer fee, per transfer; $50 International Wire Fee) Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) with a 3% convienience fee, Certified Check, or Cash. Dealers Please send copy of resale tax number certificate to Hollingsworth Enterprises Inc by Fax: (601)469-2620 or email hollingsworthauc@att.net Note: Any Default or refusal to pay will result in a minimum charge to the bidders on-file credit card of 25% of the winning bid up to the full winning bid amount plus all applicable taxes and fees, at the auctioneer’s discretion.
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Auction Details

CITY OF CANTON SURPLUSCANTON, MS, 39046Friday, Jan 17, 2020 | 10:00 AM CST

Terms Of Sale

Bidders Contract: Buyers signature on bid card or acceptance of terms online constitutes a binding agreement by the buyer that he or she will abide by the terms and conditions of the sale written herein and set forth by the Auctioneer and the auction company. No one under the age of 16 allowed on auction premises. 1.All bidders are required to register prior to the auction. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bid of anyone who is not a registered buyer. 2.At the time of sale, the buyers number and price of item sold is announced by the Auctioneer. No Changes in price or quantity can be made by anyone but the Auctioneer, and at that time only. In any dispute over price, quantity or between bidders, the auctioneer reserves the right to settle any and all such disputes and his decision is final. 3.Announcements made by the Auctioneer on the day of the sale take precedence over any printed matter pertaining to this auction. Despite our efforts to avoid withdrawal of items from the sale list after they are advertised, it may sometimes be necessary. Therefore, the owner reserves the right to do so. 4.Representatives of the Seller will advise, to the best of their knowledge, as to the condition of the equipment when requested to do so. All descriptions of items in this sale are believed to be correct, but no warranty as such is either intended or implied. Bidders are responsible for closely checking each item. Purchaser must understand that he/she is buying the property entirely upon his/her own examination or opinion. 5.EACH LOT IS SOLD AS-IS, WHERE IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS AND DEFECTS THEREIN. The item purchased immediately becomes the responsibility of the purchaser at the time it is knocked down or called down by the auctioneer. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF USE, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OF ANY ITEMS IN THIS SALE. 6.At the time the Auctioneer accepts the high bid for each item, the ownership of the item is immediately transferred to the purchaser. Although security measures are taken by the auction company and the seller, neither the auction company nor the seller can accept responsibility for safekeeping of the item after this point. The item is then the property of the high bidder and the purchaser must accept full responsibility for the item. The purchaser at this time agrees to pay for the item in full. 7.State sales tax must be collected unless purchasing with a valid state sales tax exempt permit. Title fees will be collected on items requiring title. Buyers Premium will be collected per item. Other services may be subject to convenience fees. 8.All purchases must be settled in full by cash certified check, bank wire or credit card. No item can be removed from auction site until paid for in full. Failure to pay in full can result in loss of any deposits made and/or items awarded at high bid. 9.Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by bidder or his agent, and further agrees to hold Auctioneers/Hollingsworth Enterprises, Inc. and or consignors harmless from any personal injury to himself or his Agent and any property damage incurred on auction premises. 10. The Auctioneers/Auction Company are acting as Sellers Agents only. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! TERMS/CONDITIONS: Complete payment must be rendered before any item is released for pickup * Sales Tax and Title fees will be collected where applicable * Every item sold AS IS WHERE IS without warranty or guarantee of any kind, express or implied * Although every item is presently committed to this sale, we do not assume responsibility for any items that may be withdrawn due to circumstances beyond our control * All information was obtained by sources deemed correct but it is not guaranteed by Hollingsworth Enterprises, Inc. * All announcements made day of sale supersede any printed material. Online bidder approval: Must complete bidder registration and application. Must provide valid credit card # for auction company to have on file. Every item sold AS IS WHERE IS without warranty or guarantee of any kind, express or implied * Although every item is presently committed to this sale, we do not assume responsibility for any items that may be withdrawn due to circumstances beyond our control * All information was obtained by sources deemed correct but it is not guaranteed by Hollingsworth Enterprises, Inc. * All announcements made day of sale supersede any printed material. Any legal matter will be settled in the state of Mississippi in Scott County or County of Auction location.