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Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)
Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)
Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)
Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)
Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)

Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)

Lot Closed

This item is in Prairie Du Chien, WI

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Overview of Lot of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars (C)

Item Details


Your credit card used upon registration will be billed within 24 hrs. of close of auction for purchase(s) under $2,000, 5.5% sales tax applies for Wisconsin Residents. If you are a regular customer who picks up items won the week following the auction your credit card will NOT be charged so you can pay with cash or check at the time of pickup. Invoices over $2,000 have the option to pay with Personal Check or Money Order for 3% discount, these buyers will receive a separate invoice direct from Kramer auction service within 48hrs of close of sale. Any invoice OVER $5,000 REQUIRE PAYMENT OF PERSONAL CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR WIRE TRANSFER. Shipping will be billed separately, see Shipping Instructions for costs. No items shipped until payment is received & cleared. A $25 fee is charged for all Credit Cards which are declined for items purchased or for shipping fees. Please make sure you have enough credit on your card to pay for purchases prior to bidding! Be Aware it is a Federal Crime to write non-sufficient fund check or cancel a credit card on a Firearms Purchase, we will report any such incidents to local law enforcement & the ATF.
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Auction Details

Kramer's Spring Gun & Ammo Auction!203 E. Blackhawk Ave., Prairie Du Chien, WI, 53821Friday, Mar 12, 2021 | 6:00 AM CST

Terms Of Sale

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO BID: 1. BUYERS PREMIUM - A fifteen (15%) buyer's fee will be added to each successful bid. Absentee buyers are responsible for complying with their home state tax requirements, In-House buyers, out of state buyers picking up items & Wisconsin residents will be charged state sales tax of 5.5% unless they possess a valid Tax number. 2. AS IS / WHERE IS - Items in this auction are sold AS IS/WHERE IS, with NO GUARANTEE whatsoever. Firearms are specifically NOT warranted for shooting. **Any firearm should be inspected by a competent gunsmith for safety, function, & proper ammunition type before attempting to fire. Any description of mechanical function or condition does NOT mean the gun has been inspected or Ok'd for shooting. Ammunition of unknown origin should NOT be fired, & the ammunition in this sale is sold for salvage of components or as collectibles only. 3. RESPONSIBILITY OF BIDDERS: Read the descriptions of each firearm/item & view photographs carefully, should you have questions e-mail us at kramer@mhtc.net Be sure to ask questions BEFORE bidding & prior to start of auction. Accuracy of catalog & other descriptions is NOT guaranteed. Although we do our best to provide good descriptions, no portion of any description is a guaranteed. Such qualities as condition, age, origin, historical attribution, quality, originality, measurement, significance, percentage of finish, alteration, restoration, & estimated value are OPINION ONLY, & are NOT guaranteed. You are strongly urged to inspect each item on which you bid, & to base your bids on your own opinions & observations. 5. SALE OF FIREARMS - All sales of firearms will be in strict compliance with all Firearms Laws & regulations. KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE BIDDING. We are a FFL dealer so ALL Federal & State Firearm Laws govern all sales pertaining to firearms. NOTE: ANTIQUE, MUZZLE-LOADING & AIR GUNS - any gun marked Antique, Black Powder or Non-FFL" in catalog. These items may be shipped directly to absentee bidders unless your local or state law has restricts this. It is our policy not to sell these items to individuals who would not be eligible to purchase modern firearms. By bidding on these, you represent that you are not a minor, convicted felon, drug addict, illegal alien, mentally defective individual, or other person who would be restricted from buying modern firearms, & that such purchase is legal in your home area. Absentee bidders purchasing these items may be asked to send a copy of their driver's license w/ payment. MODERN FIREARMS - Kramer Auction Service LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL), & you can purchase these guns the same way you would from a gun shop. * Out of state & absentee bidders can have guns shipped to FFL dealers in their area. Most gun shops will receive these for you and legally transfer them to you for a modest fee. You will need to have them provide Kramer Auction Service LLC by fax (608) 326-8987 or e-mail FFL@kramersales.com a signed copy of their FFL with your name, noting it is for your purchases. FFL LICENSEES - FFL Dealers are welcome to bid & buy, & we expect there will be bargains in this sale that can be good investments for you. You will need a signed copy of your FFL for Kramer Auction Service LLC the transferee for this sale. We are glad to sell C&R eligible guns to C&R FFL's (federally licensed firearms collectors). Note: Per ATF instruction we only send our FFL to other FFL's & NOT C&R's or non-licensees. 8. Disputes under this contract - Buyers & Kramer Auction Service agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them resulting from the buyer participating in the auction or any resulting transaction. Any Mediation fees will be borne equally by each party. All mediation, arbitration & court shall be filed and conducted solely within Crawford County, State of Wisconsin and not in any other jurisdiction. PLACING A BID CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT TO ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS HEREIN & WILL BE A BINDING CONTRACT TO PURCHASE. PLACING A BID IMPLIES YOU HAVE AGREED TO THE TERMS & TO PURCHASE THE LOT.