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Lot Closed

Auction by Blackmon Auctions(562)
This item is in Godley, TX

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To all Bidders - Start time, Catalog, Terms & Condition are only for online bidding. If bidding onsite please visit www.blackmonauctions.com for onsite start time, catalog and terms and conditions. HOW YOU REGISTER IS EXACTLY HOW ALL INVOICES, TITLES, AND RELATED PAPERWORK WILL READ. WE DO NOT CHANGE NAMES, ADDRESSES, OR TAX STATUS ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If new to Blackmon Auctions the statement made above will not get you approved. 'Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval'. You do need a Valid Credit Card to setup an account with Proxibid.com but a Valid Credit Card doesn't get you automatically approved for one of our events. Please read the following terms and requirements for new bidders to be approved for a Blackmon Auctions Event. Online Buyer's Fee - Onsite fees are different. Online Online Buyers Premium - 14% on the first $2000 of each item and then 7% on the remaining total of purchase. Invoices 1. All invoices will be generated and emailed after the end of the auction and not before. 2. All invoices are sent to the register email address on your account. 3. Paid invoices will not be sent out automatically. Buyer must request a paid invoice by send their request to mshelle@blackmonauctions.com. Please allow 48 hours after payment has been made before sending your request. 4. Buyers do not need a paid invoice for pickup unless Broker/Hauler Company request one. We verify all online Buyer's purchases are paid with accounting before releasing. Payment Due !. All payments must be submitted to Blackmon Auctions by one of the approved methods within 24 hours of the closing of the auction. 2. All open accounts after the due period will be sent to collections and all online accounts flagged from bidding. Excepted Payment Methods 1. Wire Transfer (Preferred), 2. Credit Card Payment Types can be (3% Service Charge will be added) Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. To pay with a Credit Card please send a request to accounting@blackmonauctions.com. A new invoice will be sent out with credit card fee added. 3. Overnight Check with Bank contact information to verify funds 4. Cash paid at our Little Rock, AR Office, no payments can be made onsite 5. wire instructions - BLACKMON AUCTIONS, INC 5423 KAVANUAGH BLVD LITTLE ROCK, AR 72207 501-664-4526 501-664-4538 FAX BANK NAME: SIMMONS BANK 2800 KAVANAUGH BLVD LITTLE ROCK, AR 72205 ACCOUNT NAME: BLACKMON AUCTIONS ESCROW ACCOUNT #: 13 10 32 ABA ROUTE #: 082900432 IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE YOUR BUYER NUMBER TO INSURE PROPER CREDIT. Sales Tax 1. May apply. 2. Please make sure your tax ID number is listed on your Proxibid Account. If we are not provided with the number, taxes will apply. 3. International Bidders - we do not remove taxes just because you are an International Bidder. We have laws we must go by or during an Audit we are fined. International Bidder, if you do not have a US Tax Exception Number you must do the following to have your taxes refund back - this also applies to everyone else that is shipping over State line - You will need to send us a Bill of Lading from an ICC or MCC or the like Carrier (QUICKLY) SO WE CAN REFUND YOUR TAXES. It changes the transaction to an across the state line interstate transaction. 4. International Bidders may be able to send us copies of their export papers. That must be approved by our Accounting Dept before taxes are refund. Titles 1. 'Titles on file' 1A. Will start to be processed 3-5 business days after the end of the auction. 1B. All accounts must be paid in full before titles are released and mailed. 2. 'Titles applied for' or 'bank holds' 2A. May take up to 3 weeks before being mailed. 2B. Copy of 'titles on hand' can be scanned and sent out for payment, hauling or export needs. Please send a request to accounting@blackmonauctions.com. Allow 2 business days for a reply. Auction Law This auction is governed by United States UCC Laws which places responsibility on you, the bidder – We have provided time and opportunity for all buyers to inspect the items before they bid AND this is the BUYER’S responsibility. All items will be sold in the “as-is” condition.
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Auction Details

Texas Contractors Auction7121 North Hwy 171, Godley, TX, 76044Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021 | 8:30 AM CDT

Auction House

Terms Of Sale

HOW YOU REGISTER IS EXACTLY HOW ALL INVOICES, TITLES, AND RELATED PAPERWORK WILL READ. WE DO NOT CHANGE NAMES, ADDRESSES, OR TAX STATUS ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! To be approved to bid: To all Bidders - We do not consider the time or amount of items bought though Proxibid for approval. We have our own rules and terms for approval. If you are a current and established customer with Blackmon Auctions, register and send a quick email to doug@blackmonauctions.com and billy@blackmonauctions.com. Include your Blackmon Buyer Number and/or the name you buy under. If not an established Blackmon buyer we will need much of the following: - A letter from your bank and banking & banker contact information - Your Business Address - Your Web Site - Business Reference - An indication of (Item(s)/Dollar Amount) what you plan on bidding on in this auction - Acknowledgment from you that you understand the terms and you will pay for those purchases the day of or the day after the auction via wire transfer and remove those purchases within one week of the auction. Special Approvals may require a 10% deposit 48 hours before auction day. If you plan to use a lender to make payment, you must contact Blackmon Auctions 72 hours before auction day for approval to bid.