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battery charger
battery charger

battery charger

Lot Closed

This item is in Perrysburg, OH

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battery charger


all purchases over $ 2,500 must be a wire transfer within 24 hours of the auction All clear Ohio titles 15% Buyers Premium will be added to your final hammer price on your invoice. Credit card associated with Proxibid will be charged immediately following the end of the auction.

Auction Details

Motorcycles, Tools & Winnebago Auction26741 Lime City Road, Perrysburg, OH, 43551Thursday, Sep 22, 2022 | 9:30 AM CDT
This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

Terms Of Sale

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