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Lot Closed

Auction by Linkous Auctioneers(698)
This item is in Blacksburg, VA


Item Details

This is a modular programmable high-current pulsed power supply capable of delivering a current of up to 700,000 Amperes. The system is a switched capacitor-discharge pulse-forming network (PFN). There are 32 thyristor-switched capacitive modules that can each be individually controlled to deliver 32kA each, and 4 modules capable of delivering 45kA each. The system comes with voltage dividers and a relay network with resistors for safe discharging
Modules can also be separated into custom combinations or operated individually for various other applications.

1x cabinet contains
16x Type 1 modules, each module has:
400V rated capacitor bank, 1.6kJ energy storage per module
150A/us rate of rise for current
30kA peak short circuit current
1200V rated thyristor and two diodes in semiconductor clamp assembly
 2.2uH pulse power inductor with 500 microOhm ESR, rated for 30kA
Ultra fast gate drive units for each module
Fully independent control
4x Type 2 modules
2kV rated capacitor bank, 5kJ energy storage per module
Up to 22kA/us rate of rise for current
45kA rated peak current under full load
4500V rated pulsed power thyristor and two diodes in semiconductor assembly
High voltage ultra fast fully isolated gate drive units for each module
500A peak gate current with 200ns rise time
Optical signal isolation
 20W transformer isolated power supply, rated for >2kV indefinite working voltage
Fully independent control
1x Type 3 Modules
 400V rated, 18.5kJ total energy storage
Bus Bar Assembly, 6? tall and 2? wide
Four layer laminated bus bar with
0.25? thick aluminum conductors
120x connection tabs to bus bar conductors
2x coaxial cable clamp assemblies for 350MCM coax with 2? terminals
5x four channel 400V fully differential voltage divider
 1x four channel 2kV fully differential voltage divider
Relay System routes power
 60x 1kV rated relays for charging/discharging/isolation of Type 1 and 3 modules
8x 5kV rated relays for charging/discharging/isolation of Type 2 Modules
 High voltage diode boards for each module
Fully isolated relay control system
 Discharge resistor network for each module (Types 1, 2, and 3)

(L x W x H in inches)
PFN Cabinets (2): 40? x 34? x 93? without relays & resistors. Add 24? to height with relays & resistors.

Circuit Schematics

- Capacitor safety shorting straps (crocodile clip)

Please Note: Bidders must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident in order to purchase lot Numbers 1 and 2.



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Auction Details

ELECTROMAGNETIC RAIL GUN SYSTEM and LAB EQUIPMENT1872 PRATT DRIVE, Blacksburg, VA, 24060Monday, Jan 23, 2023 | 2:00 PM CST
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