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Set Of 20 Black Bear Claws Taxidermy
Set Of 20 Black Bear Claws Taxidermy
Set Of 20 Black Bear Claws Taxidermy
Set Of 20 Black Bear Claws Taxidermy

Set Of 20 Black Bear Claws Taxidermy

Lot Closed

Auction by Circle M Auctions(446)
This item is in Maquoketa, IA

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Overview of Set Of 20 Black Bear Claws Taxidermy

Item Details

8.4 Nice big claws complete set front & back


We accept credit cards for payment for any winning online bidders at all sales. We only accept Visa , Master Card & wire transfers for over the phone. We will be offering ATGpay through Proxibid. Due to the nature of the items we sell there is not a way to determine shipping cost at the time of the initial invoice since we do not know where the items are going to. Please rest assure that we will ship your items as inexpensively to assure repeat customers. We do all our own shipping in house we do NOT go through a 3rd party shipper. Please pay within four days from the sale of each auction.
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Premier Taxidermy, Fine Art, Oddities, & More1212 E Quarry St, Maquoketa, IA, 52060Saturday, Mar 18, 2023 | 9:00 AM CDT

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Buyers YOU are responsible for knowing your state laws of what you can possessed in your state. Although we try to show any defects in any items, we cannot catch every flaw in every item ALL sales are FINAL. We recommend you do your research before you buy! If you were to buy an item that you can not own in your state you would still be charged for the item. Then we will resell it for you at the next auction we have. All items are sold as is any questions contact Circle M Auctions at 563-652-9780