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Please Read Before Bidding - Shipping, Pick-up & Payment - DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT
Please Read Before Bidding - Shipping, Pick-up & Payment - DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT

Please Read Before Bidding - Shipping, Pick-up & Payment - DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT

Lot Closed

Auction by All Things Auctioneers(9334)
This item is in Greer, SC

Overview of Please Read Before Bidding - Shipping, Pick-up & Payment - DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT

Item Details

Pick up is Saturday, May 27th from 11-2pm located at 200 Ford St, Greer SC. ** DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 11:00. Items HAVE TO BE picked up between 11:00 & 2pm ONLY. Orders with multiple large items need to be picked up onsite.Preferred payment, cash or ATGpay. We can accept Venmo with a 3% discount when you use your bank account, Venmo balance. To pay: use name: Stephen Alling, 864-494-1965 or info@allthingsauctioneers.com if we ship your items add $5 for smaller orders & higher for large orders (for our transport fee) onto your cash total. Any invoices paid without the transport fee we will charge card on file separately. We can also accept cash if you have exact change only. We can charge your card onsite. Lastly, we can charge card on file if you are not able to use the above options. **READ BELOW ITEMS WE DO NOT SHIP OR TRANSPORT TO UPS*** WHEN WE BRING YOUR ITEMS TO THE UPS STORE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A COURTESY SERVICE WE ARE PROVIDING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE. IF WE FEEL YOUR ITEM(S) TAKE UP TOO MUCH ROOM EITHER IN OUR VEHICLE OR THE UPS STORE WE CAN DECIDE NOT TO TRANSPORT ALL ITEMS. KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN BIDDING. THIS SHOULD BE USED ONLY IN EMERGENCY WHEN YOU CANNOT PICK UP. ***NEW TERMS**** Items We Do Not Transport or Ship: Ammunition, Anything specificially marked "will not ship/transport", over sized items, cabinet lots, shelf lots, large lots of glassware or breakables, closet lots, blanket/linen lots, anything that takes up an excessive amount of room, oil/chemicals/flamables, and furniture. Auction company reserves the right to not transport an item. Do not bid if you do not agree to our terms. When you bid on our auctions, you are agreeing to ALL our terms stated here. Please read through our terms. SHIPPING TIME & PRICE: PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHONE CALL FROM US UNLESS WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR CARD ON FILE. We will charge your card on file with Proxibid at the end of the auction pickup. Shipping is through The UPS Store in Taylors, SC ONLY. (864) 268-6068. If you do not pick up, We charge $10-$35 for transporting your items to the UPS Store in Taylors SC. By bidding on this auction you agree with these terms. UPS will contact you with shipping costs & you pay them directly. PLEASE WHEN YOU BID ON THIS AUCTION, YOU ARE AGREEING TO ALL OUR TERMS THAT ARE STATED CLEARLY. ..................................................... PICK UP: All items to be picked up on the specified date and time. BUYERS PREMIUM- Our 18% Buyers Premium helps cover our fees charged to us by Proxibid, Our credit card processors, advertising & other charges that keep our auctions running. This fee is necessary for us to keep our business going. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us..... PLEASE DO NOT use feedback left for our company as a means of communication! Using our feedback as a means of communication is not tolerated. Please call us if you have any questions (864) 494-1965


ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE PICKED UP BY 2PM. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 11AM, OUR STAFF DOES NOT ARRIVE UNTIL 11:00. Pick up is Saturday, May 27th from 11-2pm ONLY. located at 200 Ford St, Greer SC. WE ACCEPT CASH, Venmo OR ATGPAY. To pay ATG you need to go to your invoice & click on "Pay Now". You only have to set it up once, it is very easy. Please pay before picking up. If paying cash, bring cash to pickup no need to call. ATTENTION: Tax-exempt bidders MUST submit their tax-exempt certificates AGAIN to payments@.proxibid.com to have taxes removed from the invoice. *It doesn't matter if you already submitted it to Proxibid, ATG is separate and needs them submitted directly to them> Also, you will need to click the "I'm tax-exempt" link during the payment flow every time you have a new invoice to send AtgPay Payment Operations team an email to request removal of the taxes . Large items & lots need to be picked up. Call with any questions 864-494-1965. A 18% online buyer's premium will be added to all sales conducted via Proxibid. All invoices will be charged appropriate sales tax according to your location. You will be notified at the end of Auction via email with your settlement sheet noting all purchases & amount due, amount will NOT include your shipping costs. We use The UPS Store in Taylors, SC as our shipping company 864 268-6068. Any invoice not picked up will be subject to a $5-$25 transport fee depending on size of order.

Auction Details

Multiple Tools & Car Wash Equipment LiquidationTBA, Greer, SC, 29651Thursday, May 18, 2023 | 9:00 PM CDT

Terms Of Sale

All items sell AS-IS with no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. We reserve the right to add or delete items prior to sale time. Please view each and every picture for details & conditions we are by no means experts on all items we sell, it is up to the buyer to inspect each items either through pictures or in person. Ask us questions if you have any questions and come to your own conclusion before you bid. Our description is merely a guideline describing it as we see it and our opinion. Most items have a measuring device and/or measurement in the description so you know the size of the item. Please send any specific questions to our email address or call us for more information. We will be happy to email other pictures to you, if needed. WE DO NOT TRANSPORT ITEMS BACK TO OUR FACILITY FOR LATER PICK UP. ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE PICKED UP OR WILL BE TAKEN TO THE UPS STORE IN TAYLORS FOR PICK UP BY YOU AT A LATER DATE OR SHIPPING. KEEP IN MIND UPS HAS FEES FOR STORAGE. LARGER ITEMS & FURNITURE NEED TO BE PICKED UP ON LOCATION OR WILL BE FORFEITED AT 2:00. ALL SALES FINAL. When bidding or registering for our auctions, you will be added to our mailing list. If you choose not to receive emails, please go to the bottom of our email and "opt out", please note once you opt out you can never receive another email from our company.