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Green Torch Dolly Cart
Green Torch Dolly Cart

Green Torch Dolly Cart

Lot Closed

Auction by Nicholson Auction Co.(127)
This item is in PAMPLICO, SC

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Overview of Green Torch Dolly Cart

Item Details


ALL PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE BY JUNE 18TH by accepted payment methods. If payments is not made by JUNE 18TH a late charge Of $50 will be enforced and a recovery fee can be enforced. CASH, CHECK WITH BANK LETTER, WIRE TRANSFER. If payment is not made within 5 Business Days Of Auction It Will Be Considered Breach Of Contract, Item(s) Will Be Resold And Legal Auction Will Be Taken!
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Auction Details

JUNE 2024 EQUIPMENT CONSIGNMENT RING 22065 W HWY 378, PAMPLICO, SC, 29583Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 | 8:00 AM CDT

Auction House

Terms Of Sale

There is a 10% Internet Premium For This Auction. EVERY THING IS SOLD AS IS WHERE IS!!! NICHOLSON AUCTION CO DOES NOT GUARANTEE YEAR MODELS, HOURS, MILEAGE OR MEASUREMENTS ON ITEMS!!!!!! SO INSPECTION IS ENCOURAGED IF YOU ARE UNSURE DON'T BID!!!! All items are to be paid in full by JUNE 18TH and before any item(s) can be removed. Won Internet Items Cannot Be Paid For Until Auction Is Complete. A Late Fee Of $50.00 Will Be Charged For Payment After JUNE 18TH. After 5 business days from auction if payment is not made it will be considered breach of contract, and legal action will be taken. A Recovery Fee Can Also Be Enforced. ALL CHECKS MUST HAVE BANK LETTER Nicholson Auction Co. is not liable for any injury, damage, or loss incurred in connection with the sale. Statements made on sale day take precedence over previously written material. Loading weekdays after the auction. ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED BY JUNE 28TH, make arrangements if you are not able to get your item(s) out by deadline. Item(s) left over 30 Days are considered "abandoned property" & become property of Nicholson Auction Co. unless other agreements are made. "Abandoned Property" Will Be Sold For Storage Fees!