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Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz
Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz
Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz
Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz
Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz
Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz

Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz

Lot Closed

Auction by Merchant's Wares(5063)
This item is in Ringwood, NJ

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Assorted Christmas Light Bulbs and Ornaments, 5 oz


All invoices and shipping totals will be tallied and charged to the card on file with Proxibid within 24 hours of the end of the auction. If you have questions about shipping, pick-ups, specific lots or anything else, please contact us BEFORE bidding. If you wish to pay with a card other that the card on file with Proxibid, you should let us know before the end of the auction to avoid a delay. There will be a $25 fee for charging through any means other than Proxibid. All items will be shipped within 48 hours of payment, often 24 or less. We are usually working on invoicing as we package winning bids so that we can have your bids shipped to you quickly with an accurate shipping cost. Merchant's Wares reserves the right to require payment through Wire Transfer for all purchases for any reason. You will not be charged an alternate payment fee for Wire Transfers. Paid total includes the amount paid for each lot, buyer's premium, applicable tax, handling/box fee and applicable shipping fees and insurance. Ringwood NJ PickUps will be pre-scheduled using Shipping Saint via your email and/or text on file with Proxibid. If you are in-between or nearby Lock Haven PA and Ringwood NJ, please contact us for other options including Silvermoon Antiques in Lewisburg PA. We may deliver for an agreed upon fee. NJ Residents and NJ Pick Ups will be charged NJ Sales tax. You can register your Sales Tax ID with Proxibid, and NJ residents and NJ Pick Ups with a number on file with Proxibid will not be charged sales tax. As we are often on the road, text messages are often the fastest method of contact to the auctioneer 201-694-9463 - If you want an option other than USPS Priority Mail or UPS for shipping, we appreciate it if you would contact Merchant's Wares before the auction, even if you are unsure if you will win an item.
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June 24 Collectibles, Ephemera & More1165 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Ringwood, NJ, 07456Thursday, Jun 13, 2024 | 10:30 AM CDT

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