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Strangers In Paradise Pocket Books
Strangers In Paradise Pocket Books
Strangers In Paradise Pocket Books

Strangers In Paradise Pocket Books

This lot was not sold. You may be able to bid on this item if the auctioneer offers the lot again.
Auction by Ottawa River Auctions(2402)
This item is in Brander , OH

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Overview of Strangers In Paradise Pocket Books

Item Details

4 books - Volumes 3-6


INVOICES WILL BE EMAILED AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE AUCTION AND PAY NOW BUTTON WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PAY FOR ITEMS. 18% Buyers premium will be added to the final hammer price of each item sold. Shipping charges are to be paid separately and winning bidders will be contacted by shipper within 3-5 business days from removal day for shipping total.

Auction Details

Pop Culture, Comics & Colllectibles Auction!150 N Bell St., Brander , OH, 43406Sunday, Jun 16, 2024 | 3:00 PM CDT

Auction House

Terms Of Sale

CLICK AND PAY WHEN INVOICES HAVE BEEN EMAILED. AUCTION TERMS ACKNOWLEDGMENT: By Bidding/Registering To This Auction The Bidder Agrees To All Terms Laid Out In These Terms & Conditions CONDITION/AUTHENTICITY OF ITEMS: We at Ottawa River Auctions LLC DO NOT Claim to be experts. We do our best to photograph each item for a proper description but make NO warranties concerning an items true condition. If an item needs more descriptors we are happy to add photos and answer questions when requested. There will be no returns or refunds for any reason, we try to be as accurate as possible stating conditions of items, DO NOT BID UNTIL YOU ARE COMFORTABLE with an items description, please contact us if you need further assistance with an item. REMOVAL: It is the buyers responsibility to safely remove their items, there are NO packing supplies or moving equipment available so bring help if needed to remove any item. OTTAWA RIVER AUCTIONS is not responsible for any item being damaged or broken during the removal process. Buyers must remove their items within the removal time frame, if a bidder requires more than 30 minuets past the removal ending time, the bidder will be billed $15 and hour per employee working the removal, broken down in 15 minuet increments. If Any Item Seems To Be Miss Represented,Damaged, Or Missing, The Auction Company Must Be Notified BEFORE LEAVING THE REMOVAL PREMISES. There are NO REFUNDS After Winning Bidders Leave With Their Items. ITEM ABANDONMENT: Any Item with a purchase price less than 20 dollars that has not been picked up within the removal timeline and no prior arrangement has been made will be abandoned. If an item requires the auction company(If applicable) to transport it to a different location for removal there will be an Automatic charge of twenty dollars for a transport fee. All items are AS-IS WHERE IS and there will be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. It is the buyers responsibility to have there item picked up or shipped at the time of the removal date any item not picked up will be donated. DAMAGE LIMITATIONS: If an item is lost, damaged, or a mistake in the catalog, OTTAWA RIVER AUCTIONS LLC will ONLY refund the total amount paid on that item ONLY AFTER ITEM/ITEMS DISCREPANCY HAS BEEN MADE KNOWN TO AUCTIONEER BEFORE IT HAS LEFT THE REMOVAL PROPERTY. MEASUREMENTS: Items Measurements Are As Follows Width-Height-Depth Ex. 22x31x18 Inches. If an Items Description Shows Only Two Measurements They are Width-Height SALES TAX: If the winning bidders state charges a sales tax that tax will be added to their invoice after the auction has concluded. It is the buyers responsibility to register their tax ID number with Proxibid Services