SAM Auctions

SAM Auctions is a premier auction house and re-seller specializing in auctions and liquidations for major retailers, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and food service organizations.
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(602) 442-4554
Alternate: (877) 726-2828
Fax: (602) 353-1088
4111 West Clarendon Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85019
Lots start closing Tuesday, December 8
11:00 AM  Central
San Antonio,  TX
Includes ABS Equipment, Stainless Fixtures, Pallet Jacks, Transport Racks and more
Lots start closing Wednesday, December 9
11:00 AM  Mountain
Denver,  CO
Gas Convection Oven, Expresso Machine, Hot Food Case, Coffee Equipment, Prep Tables
Lots start closing Tuesday, December 15
11:00 AM  Pacific
Mira Loma,  CA
Assorted Fluorescent Light Fixtures For Commercial And Residential Use
Lots start closing Monday, December 21
11:00 AM  Pacific
Anaheim,  CA
Revolving Oven, Lucks Gas Rack Oven, Compressor Racks, Rooftop Condensers, Meat Production Equipment, Self Contained And Remote Refrigeration, Ovens, Mixers, Madix Shelving And More!
Lots start closing Thursday, January 7
11:00 AM  Eastern
Orlando,  FL
Includes Madix Shelving, Load King Baler, 2019 Condensers, Remote Refrigeration and more
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