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Auction Payment Network

With APN you can quickly and securely invoice and reconcile your auctions. You can save hours on post-auction processing. And, APN also offers you industry low rates.

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In June 2011 we released a fresh new desktop app for bidders. Months of product design, development and testing went into making it the most user-friendly bidding platform on the planet.

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Our award-winning marketing team creates cutting-edge, behaviorally targeted campaigns to get your inventory in front of qualified buyers. We're also conducting national television and global Web campaigns!

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Need a site to host your auction catalog and company information? We're developing a customized solution to fit the needs of large and small companies.

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Increase bidding in your auctions with Proxibid's capped online premiums. Our capped premiums apply to heavy equipment, farm machinery, real estate and select industrial auctions.


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Preferred Grading and Autograph Authenticators

The following companies are considered to be reputable, trusted sports cards and sport memorabilia grading and autograph/signature authentication services. These companies are recognized throughout the hobby and industry as the market leaders. Proxibid approves other authenticators outside of this list, but these are the preferred authenticators for Sports Cards and Sports Memorabilia.

Sports Card Grading Services:

Autograph/Signature Authentication Services:

Leading Providers of Authentic Pre-Certified Sports Memorabilia

Banned Authenticators From Proxibid

Autographed items with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or Letter of Authenticity (LOA) from the following companies, organizations, and individuals have been banned from being listed and sold on Proxibid:

  • Any company, organization, or individual listed on the FBI’s Operation Bullpen website
  • Autograph Certification Experts (ACE)
  • Christopher L. Morales
  • Coach’s Corner Sports Auctions LLC
  • CSC Collectibles
  • Donald Frangipani
  • Forensic Document Services
  • Greg Marino
  • Hollywood Dreams
  • J. DiMaggio Co. / J. DiMaggio Company
  • Jim Bellino
  • Legends Sports Memorabilia
  • Nathan’s Autographs / N.E. Autographs
  • Nicholas Burczyk
  • Pro Sports / Pro Sports Memorabilia
  • Rare and Signed.com
  • Robert Prouty
  • R.R.’s Sports Cards & Collectibles
  • SCAA / Front Page Art / Angelo Marino
  • Slamdunk Sportscards & Memorabilia
  • Sports Alley Memorabilia
  • Sports Management Group
  • Stan’s Sports / Stans Sports Memorabilia
  • TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic)
  • Universal Memorabilia
  • XMI Authentications
  • USA Authentics
  • 640 Sports/YMC Sports Memorabilia

Any sellers listing items that have been authenticated by the above clients will have those lots removed from their auction. If any lots do not specify the authenticator and show a picture of the certificate/letter of authenticity, the lot will be removed from the auction. Additionally, Proxibid reserves the right to pull a lot from an auction if they find that the authenticator is not reputable.

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