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Winchester Special Shingling Hatchet & Hand Axe; Winchester

Winchester Special Shingling Hatchet & Hand Axe; Winchester

Lot Closed

This item is in Richmond, MO

Overview of Winchester Special Shingling Hatchet & Hand Axe; Winchester

Item Details

Winchester special shingling hatchet & hand axe; winchester


Payment for Online Buyers via Proxibid will be strictly credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) charged following the auction once all records have been reconciled (sometimes this takes several hours so please be patient). Shipping will be charged separately once each bidders items have been sorted, packaged and have been calculated by shipping company. UPS will be the primary shipper.

Auction Details

Heavner-Day3312 Clark Street, Richmond, MO, 64085Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 | 9:00 AM CDT
This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

Terms Of Sale

There is never a registration (sign-up) charge for any Simmons & Company Auctioneers Auctions. There is a 20% (contact Auction Company for breakdown details) Internet Buyers Premium charge on all items purchased Online Auction via ProxiBid system. There is never a buyer's premium or registration fee at a Simmons and Company Auctioneers, Inc. Auction for those bidders who attend live & in-person. BUYER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR BIDDING AT THIS AUCTION. All buyers must be issued a BID NUMBER. Registration at this auction constitutes a Binding Contract between the Registered Bidder and the Seller represented by the Auction Company 1) for any purchases made on that bid number 2) the a acceptance of all related terms and conditions. All Absentee Bidders are required to register and secure payment auctions prior to the auction. ON-SITE BIDDERS: Driver's License or approved Photo ID Required for Buyer's Bid Number. ON-LINE BIDDERS: must provide valid credit credit. A $1 'hold only' will be placed on your credit/debit card by ProxiBid during the registration process. This hold will be released by ProxiBid after the registration process is complete per their corporate policies. ON-SITE BIDDERS - Accepted Payment Options: Cash, Traveler's Checks, Personal Checks ( US funds only) with photo identification or valid driver's license. Social Security and Date of Birth may also be required. MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express may also be used ( a 5% handling fee applies for c/c use.). All MasterCard/Visa Debit/Check Card with PIN number are accepted. All information is kept strictly confidential and is for the protection of all parties. ON-LINE BIDDERS - Accepted Payment Options: Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express and/or all MasterCard/Visa Debit/Check Cards). Credit Card handling fee is INCLUDED in buyers premium. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS BUYER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR BIDDING AT THIS AUCTION. All Bidders must be issued a BID NUMBER. Registration at this auction constitutes a Binding Contract between the Registered Bidder and the Seller(s) represented by the Auction Company: 1) for any purchases made on that bid number; 2) the acceptance of all related terms and conditions. 3) all costs of shipping and handling, where applicable. All Absentee and On-Line (Proxibid) Bidders are required to register and secure payment options prior to the auction. Absentee bidders are treated as if they were present. We do not automatically start the bidding with such bids…bidding starts on the floor, whenever that is feasible. We will never start the bidding with the full amount of an absentee bid. When the bidding on the floor stops, if the amount of the absentee bid is higher, they will successfully buy that item for one bidding increment more. ACCEPTED PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Travelers Checks, Personal Checks (US funds only) or Credit Card, with photo identification or valid drivers license. Social Security and Date of Birth may also be required. MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover may also be used. All Bidders (Floor, Absentee, On-Line or Phone) must register and be issued a bid number. All information is kept strictly confidential and is for the protection of all parties. Absentee (Phone or Mail-In) may use PayPal or Credit Card & On-Line (Proxibid) Bidders will use Credit Card, because of new policies implemented by Proxibid. See specific Terms and Conditions listed on our Proxibid site for more information.. EVERYTHING IS SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS? WITH NO WARRANTIES AS TO AGE, VALUE, CONDITION OR AUTHENTICITY IMPLIED OR EXPRESSED BY THE AUCTION COMPANY, AUCTIONEERS, AUCTION PERSONNEL OR OWNERS. Statements used as part of the selling? chant are strictly bidding enhancements and do not constitute an appraisal, judgment or guarantee as to the quality or value of any said item. Potential buyers should inspect all items (pictures, descriptions) prior to executing any bid and then bid their own personal judgment and call auctioneer for any questions or clarification prior to bidding, whether absentee, on-line or on the floor. There will be absolutely no refunds or returns. There will be no charge-backs through PayPal or Credit Card. All sales are final. THE AUCTION COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR POSSIBLE ERRORS OR OMISSIONS, NOR INACCURACIES IN CATALOG DESCRIPTIONS, ADVERTISING MEDIA OR SIMILAR STATEMENTS BY THE AUCTIONEERS NOR RINGMEN as to serial numbers, make, model, style, mis-matches or other such indicators. Buyers are to inspect the items before bidding and determine for themselves if the item is the one they want. We can take calls and emails on Monday, Aug. 1, when all items are out for view and will answer any questions you may have at that time when we have the items available to check them out. We will describe them to the best of our ability, but that in no way constitutes an evaluation or guarantee of the value, condition or correctness of the items. Our knowledge is limited, even though we have sold thousands of irons, we are not experts, by any means. Our cell phones: 1-816-517-4966 (Rilla) or 1-816-517-3194(Bob) or 1-816-517-6145(Dave) All items are considered sold and become the property of the bidder whose buyers number is announced when the hammer falls and the Auctioneer says Sold. In case of tie bids, the bid taken by the Auctioneer will stand. The bidding will be reopened between those two bidders only and it is the responsibility of the alternate bidder to increase his bid in order to resume bidding on the item. If this bidder declines to bid, the item belongs to the first bidder. If a potential bid is missed? by a ringman, bid taker or auctioneer, it is the Auctioneers sole prerogative to reopen bidding if a question arises as to who had the bid when the hammer falls. It will be between the two bidders only, not open to the floor. NOTHING IS TO BE REMOVED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. It is the buyers responsibility to keep track of the items purchased and to check their receipt tickets at the checkout, before departing the auction. SHIPPING: Remember SOME ITEMS are heavy and/or BULKY and shipping charges will be based on weight and size of box, as well as destination. Shipping charges will also include the cost of boxes or crates, packing material and labor involved. To insure safe delivery, double boxing (and crating) is often required. Buyers should expect a minimum of four weeks before items are shipped, though every effort to complete that sooner will be taken. Overseas buyers, be advised and understand that it may be upwards of six weeks for you to receive your items. Keep this in mind when bidding. New regulations for UPS (and other carriers) are now in place, and Customs delays can be expected. Any insurance claims will be between the buyer and UPS, the auction company is not responsible for lost or damaged items, but will assist you as much as possible in resolving any issues with carrier. Neither our shipper, Doug Roach or the Auction Company has any control over UPS (or other carriers) policies, shipping standards or timeliness of delivery, or their cooperation in handling any claims. If your item is damaged during shipment, you must have the driver or delivery person note that the box is damaged, save the boxes and all packing material, and the specific item(s), and personally contact the local UPS or Fed Ex, or USPS office and file a claim. They are then to send out an inspector. You will need the tracking numbers, etc from each box. The buyer is responsible to pay for shipping immediately upon receipt of invoice, regardless of when the shipment arrives or any problems that are encountered from delays, damage etc. Remember, if you need a different carrier than UPS, such as Fed Ex, USPS please let us know. The Auction Company, Auctioneers, staff and owners are not responsible in any manner for personal injury, accident, theft, loss of personal property or for items purchased or offered for sale during the Auction or during shipment. STATEMENTS MADE DAY OF AUCTION TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ALL PRINTED MATERIALS AND ANY OTHER ADVERTISING MEDIA