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Patriot 2"x2" water pump
Patriot 2"x2" water pump

Patriot 2"x2" water pump

Lot Closed

Auction by Graham Auctioneers LLC(136)
This item is in Marlow , OK

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Overview of Patriot 2"x2" water pump

Item Details

Patriot 2"x2" water pumpĀ 


Complete payments the next business day following the auction by bank wire or cashiers or check accompanied by a bank letter.
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Auction Details

Central Oklahoma Statewide County Surplus Auction1005 s goodrich rd, Marlow , OK, 73055Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 | 10:00 AM CST

Terms Of Sale

Everything sells without minimum or reservation. Tax exempt buyers must furnish a copy of their sales tax permit. Sold as is ,no warranties implied.