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Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat
Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat
Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat
Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat
Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat
Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat

Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat

Lot Closed

Auction by Annie Hodges Auctions(30)
This item is in Edgefield, SC

Overview of Edwardian Ladies Purple Velvet And Marabou Feather Wide Brimmed Hat

Item Details

Purple velvet with light brown marabou feathers encircling the brim.
Era: 10s
Condition: Excellent to Very Good
Measurements: Measures 13" across, 23" inside circumference, 2.5" brim, 2" L feathers
Estimate: $25-$100


Payment is by credit card, wire transfer or cash. All auction invoices must be paid within 24 hours of auction ending. Please contact the auction house within 24 hours of end of suction to pay your invoice. Shipping is billed as a separate invoice. South Carolina residents are subject to a 7% sales tax.
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Auction Details

Vintage Fashion and Accessories Online Auction603 Addison Street, Edgefield, SC, 29824Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019 | 9:45 AM CST

Auction House

Terms Of Sale

Annie Hodges Auctions Annie Hodges Auctions is a professionally licensed auctioneer. The Auctioneer’s license number is South Carolina #4679. Terms & Conditions Registration: Internet bidders are required to register for this auction. By registering to participate in this auction, you are in compliance and agree to the terms and conditions listed as follows: I am over 18 years of age and fully competent and execute this agreement voluntarily as my own free act and deed. No oral representations, statements, or inducements, apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made and I execute this bidding card form for full, adequate and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by its terms. Bidder's signature BUYER NUMBER Please read this document carefully before executing. This is a legal document which affects your legal rights. The individual or entity identified above. Hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer" in consideration of among other things, being permitted to participate in the Auction, hereby agrees to the following terms: 1. Registration: All Buyers must register in advance of the Auction prior to placing a bid. Registering is accomplished by reading and signing this bidding card application or registering with proxibid.com. 2. All sales are AS IS WHERE IS and final refunds will be given, issued or credited. 3. Buyer highest Bidder: Buyer that places the highest bid shall have the right and obligation to purchase the item. If disputes arise, the Auctioneer has the absolute discretion to determine the outcome of any dispute. Auctioneer may also re-auction the merchandise. 4. Right to reject bids: Annie Hodges Auctions has the right to refuse any bid, to divide, to combine and to withdraw any lots without giving reason, Auctioneer and affiliates may consign items to sell and bid on any lots. 5. 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Title (ownership) will not pass to buyer until your credit card information has been collected and processed fully by Annie Hodges Auctions. It is buyers responsibility to contact Annie Hodges Auctions on Thursday, February 7, 2019 between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) to process your payment. Your first payment will be for the total of the all lots won by highest bid. All costs will be billed separately for shipping and handling charges using the same payment method you supplied to the auctioneer unless you have made other arrangements in writing with auctioneer. 9. Forms of payment: Payment is accepted in the form of Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or Wire Transfer. Two forms of valid identification are required for all forms of payment except cash. A 4% fee for all credit cards will be added. 10. There is a $35.00 fee for declined credit cards. 11. 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These details in no way make the auctioneer liable for any errors in Title, Description, Measurements, Condition or Auction Estimate and auctioneer will not make representation or warranty of any kind what so ever, whether implied, expressed or statutory, whether oral or written, regarding the value of any item. Auction estimates are estimates only which are subjective and do not imply or guarantee the value of any lot/item. Nor does Annie Hodges Auctions make any guaranteed representations or certifications as to quality, quantity, fitness or condition, usability, merchantability, salability, weight, measurement, age or year, value, color, origin or composition of merchandise. It is up to the buyer at his, her, or its expense, if desired, if to determine the value of the item(s) in question. All Buyers may schedule an appointment to Preview all items/lots. 14. Arbitration and disputes: In the event that a dispute arises between the parties. It is hereby expressly agreed and understood that such dispute shall be determined by arbitration before the American Arbitration Association pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules then in effect, such arbitration is to be conducted in the county of Edgefield, State of South Carolina, and not by lawsuit or resort to court process. Buyer expressly agrees to such arbitration and gives up its constitutional right to have any such dispute decided in a court of law before a jury. Such arbitration award shall be final and binding and may be taken to a court of competent jurisdiction and judgment may be entered thereon. NOTICE: BY SIGNING THIS CONTRACT YOU ARE AGREEING TO HAVE ALL ISSUES DECIDED BY MUTUAL ARBITRATION AND YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR RIGHT TO A JURY OR COURT TRIAL. 15. Entire agreement, bidding card and number: This Bidding number and assigned card represents the sole agreement between Annie Hodges Auctions and Buyer and constitutes the final, complete, and exclusive statement of the terms of the Agreement between the parties pertaining to the subject matter of this Bidding Card and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings or agreements of the parties. This Bidding Card may not be contradicted by evidence of any prior or contemporaneous statements or agreements. No party has been induced to enter into this Bidding Card, nor is any party relying on, any representation, understanding, agreement, commitment or warranty outside those expressly set forth in this Bidding Card. Integration: This Bidding Card constitutes the entire understanding of the parties and there shall be no modification or waiver of the terms of this Bidding Card except by writing and signed by both parties. 16. Auctions by Annie Hodges Auctions liability: Buyer will enter auction pickup site at Buyers own risk, Buyer shall examine the area around him or her to see if it is safe before entering. If Buyer is injured or killed buyer and his: family, agents, servants or employees will not seek any damages from Annie Hodges Auctions or any of its affiliates. 17. Limit of liability: In no event will Annie Hodges Auctions be liable for incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind. Owner must insure their Item or Items directly after purchase. The auctioneer is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items after they have left the premises or have been shipped and Buyer provided a valid tracking number. Any items left at the auction site after the auction is at the buyers own risk. Annie Hodges Auctions will not assume any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items belonging to the buyer. 18. Attorney's fees: In any litigation, arbitration, or other proceedings by which one party either seeks to enforce its rights & obligations under this card (whether in contract, tort, or both) or seeks a declaration of any rights of obligations under this biding card, the prevailing party shall be awarded its reasonable attorney's fees, and expenses incurred. 19. Checkout; shall be when the auction ends, i.e. The Auctioneer stops calling or Proxibid’s Online Only bidding software has ended the auction. Winning bidders must pay in full within 24 hours of the auction regardless of when it is picked up. All sales are final the bidder is responsible for knowing which items he is bidding on. 20. All merchandise must be paid and all funds must be cleared & available for withdrawal from our banks when using credit cards. 21. Save your bidder number as your purchases are listed in your name with this number. 22. Terms: cash, credit cards or wire transfer to Annie Hodges Auctions. We accept MC, Visa & American Express and Discover: All credit card charges are subject to Surcharge of 4%. Shipping Terms Pick-Up: February 7, 2019 and February 8, 2019 from Annie Hodges Auctions, 603 Addison Street, Edgefield, SC 29824. Annie Hodges Auctions offers in house shipping. We charge $5.00 per box regardless of size plus the actual cost of shipping and insurance.