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Taylor Made Globe
Taylor Made Globe
Taylor Made Globe

Taylor Made Globe

Lot Closed

Auction by Route 32 Auctions (400)
This item is in Des Moines, IA

Overview of Taylor Made Globe

Item Details

Two 13.5" lenses on a narrow glass body. The lenses have good color. They show light wear, minor paint loss, slight discoloration, and a few flea bites/small chips. They display well. 16.5"x16". Rated 8.75


Route 32 Auctions accepts credit card, check, and wire transfer. Online buyers premium is 23% and check or cash is 18%. There will be a 3% fee for credit card transactions. Please contact us if you have any questions. Payment: Items must be paid for within 7 days from the date that the invoice was issued. For customers who wish to pay by check please let us know as soon as possible. Items that have not been picked up within 30 after the auction date may be subject to a storage fee of $100 per month, starting after the initial 30 days.
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Auction Details

Route 32 Auctions Iowa Gas Auction Day 26111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA, 50321Friday, Aug 6, 2021 | 9:00 AM CDT

Auction House

Terms Of Sale

When bidding on any lot offered by Route 32 Auctions., the bidder indicates acceptance of the following terms of sale. Any participation in the auction binds you to the agreement of these terms whether or not you have read or understand the said terms. Condition of items: By registering online/onsite or participating in this auction in any way you are bound to the terms of this sale. Route 32 makes every effort to accurately describe every item offered for sale. All items are being sold “as is” & “where is” and it is the bidders’ responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item as grading is subjective. We recommend previewing items prior to the auction. Route 32 will not be held responsible for typographical errors. Neither we nor the consignor, makes any guarantees, warranties, or representation expressed, or implied, in regard to the property or the correctness of the catalog. Buyer's Premium: Onsite: 18% buyer's premium Online: 23% buyer's premium Credit card processing fee: 3% Bidding rights & Responsibilities The auctioneer will determine the highest bidder. The auctioneer alone has the right to re-open the bidding of an item if deemed necessary due to a dispute. Route 32 is not responsible for any errors in bids, omissions of bids, or failure to execute bids. Seller contract details supercede any discrepancies in regards to the sale of the sellers items. Absentee Bids: Route 32 will accept absentee bids if pre-authorized. If there are two identical bids placed on the same item, priority will be given to the first bid received. Payment: Items must be paid for within 7 days from the date that the invoice was issued. For customers who wish to pay by check please let us know as soon as possible. Items that have not been picked up within 30 after the auction date may be subject to a storage fee of $100 per month, starting after the initial 30 days. Credit Card- There will be a 3% fee charged for all credit card payments. Check- Make checks payable to Route 32 Auctions. There will be a $20 fee for all returned checks. Taxes: All items are subject to all applicable state and local taxes. If you are tax exempt, please provide us with a copy of your documentation so we can adjust you invoice accordingly. Bid Results: Route 32 will only contact successful bidders. Please allow 24-48 hours post auction to receive your official invoice from Route 32 Auctions. Packing/Shipping: It is the bidder’s responsibility to take shipping, handling, and insurance costs into consideration when participating in our auctions. Onsite Buyers: It is advised that onsite buyers, who are successful in purchasing an item or items, take their items with them after they are paid for. These items can be collected after the conclusion of the auction of that day. Route 32 is not liable for purchased items of onsite buyers as item liability is transferred to the buyer at the time of the winning bid. Items paid for must be packed, transported and/or removed by the purchaser at own risk after the close of the sale. If an employee of Route 32 packs or transports the merchandise, it is fully at the risk, responsibility, and expense of the purchaser. Route 32 shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the agent or employee. Shipping Terms: Route 32 reserves the right to choose what items we ship inhouse as well as the order they are shipped in. We will do our best to keep the shipping costs down for our customers. Items that we think are manageable to ship in-house we will pack, ship, and insure at the expense of the buyer. All other items that we feel are not manageable for us will got to a third-party shipping company. This decision again will be made at our discretion based upon our ability to package the items. Any risk of loss or damage to the items during transit via carrier, in excess of the insurance provided by or purchased from Route 32, is at the risk of buyer. Buyer releases Route 32 Auctions from any and all claims for loss or damage to any item during transit and agrees to pay all costs of defense, including attorney’s fees, for any claims brought against Route 32 for loss or damage occurring in transit. All items not picked up after 30 days, may assess a storage fee of $100 per month. Please contact us and let us know your plans. Buyer's Premium: Online buyer's pay a 23% premium for each item. Onsite/Phone/Absentee buyers pay a 18% premium for each item. A 3% convenience fee is added to all credit card purchases. A 7% Indiana sales tax is charged to all buyers purchasing items at the auction unless you are exempt from paying sales tax and provide us with appropriate paperwork. Purchases mailed out-of-state are sales tax exempt. Firearms Terms and Conditions: ALL FFL transfers need to be sent directly to support@route32auctions.com ALL ITEMS are SOLD IN THEIR AS-IS WHERE-IS CONDITION. We offer many pictures of each firearm in our on-line catalog and an opportunity for inspection the day before each auction. If you have questions about a particular firearm, please call us as we are happy to help you. All reloaded ammo is sold AS-IS. Firearms Transfers: All firearms transfers will be in strict accordance with all International, Federal, State and local laws. Be sure to check your country, state and local laws before bidding. If you are unable to import, purchase or own a firearm according to your residency laws, do not bid on these items. If you bid and find out later you cannot legally own/accept delivery, the bid is still a valid contract that the buyer must pay. Out-of-state buyers will be able to purchase and leave with any long gun(s) purchased, provided that they pass a NICS background check. Handguns purchased by out-of-state buyers are required to be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder in the buyer’s state unless you possess a Federal Firearms License and you provide us a copy of that license the day of the auction. Online buyers are required to be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder in the buyer’s state. Indiana residents that purchase items online can either pick their purchases up at our Crawfordsville location or have their items shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder in their area. A $10 transfer fee per gun will be added to invoice for all guns needing shipped to the winners preferred FFL dealer. Winning Bidders The same person to whom the bidder number is registered must be the person to pick up the firearm(s) at the conclusion of the sale. Federal Law disallows anyone else from accepting the transfer. All in-person purchasers are required to fill out a Form 4473 unless you only purchase an antique or a muzzleloader. Background Checks: If you are denied by FBI / PICS background check you will not be able to take possession of the firearm, and the firearm will be consigned to the next available firearm auction. NICS background checks will be completed for all buyers unless you only purchase an antique or muzzleloader, or if you have a Federal Firearms License, or if you have a Curio and Relics License and purchase a gun that is at least 50 years old.