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New 20 ft grade 70 cargo transport chains
New 20 ft grade 70 cargo transport chains

New 20 ft grade 70 cargo transport chains

Lot Closed

Auction by SAC Auctions LLC(94)
This item is in Iron Station, NC

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Auction Details

Ring 1 END OF YEAR CONSTRUCTION AND FARM AUCTION1941 NC 73 , Iron Station, NC, 28080Saturday, Dec 4, 2021 | 8:00 AM CST
This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

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Terms Of Sale

BUYER Terms - SAC Auctions LLC., hereby also known as (SAC), as owner or as agent for consignor’s are subject to the following terms and conditions. ALL BIDDERS ARE BOUND BY THE GIVEN TERMS & CONDITIONS: Bidding - Placing a bid is a binding contract and the bid cannot be retracted. Once a Bidder places a bid, and the bid is the high/winning bid, the bidder will be obligated to buy the lot at the said price indicated. Withdrawal and Cancellation - SAC Auctions LLC reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any sale, at its sole discretion, without or without notice. SAC shall have no liability to bidders for any withdrawal or cancellation of sale. Terms of Sale - Buyers are responsible for all freight and transportation costs, transportation permits, as well as any costs to dismantle, load or unload items. As-Is - All items are sold “As-Is” and without recourse and neither SAC Auctions LLC nor it’s consignors makes any warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to such items unless specifically noted by the Auctioneer. Prospective buyers are strongly advised to review item photos, hours & s/n’s and descriptions when applicable, and any other documents pertaining to the item in which they are interested and to make their own physical inspection and overall determination of condition of any item prior to bidding. ALL ITEMS ARE AS-IS. TITLED ITEMS – SAC Auctions will submit titles within 15 business days of the auction. A title delay could result in a title taking up to 45 days before being sent to the winning bidder. If a lien must be paid to obtain a title SAC will submit the title once it is received. The time of delivery will depend on the receipt of the title from the Lien holder or DMV. BILL OF SALE – Items sold with Bill of Sale does not have a title. Only a Bill of Sale will be supplied. Payment - Payment for items purchased is due within 2 business days of auction close. Buyer's Premium FINAL SELLING PRICE $1 to $2,500 10% of Final Selling Price $2,501.00+ 7% of Final Selling Price PLEASE NOTE: Some lots have a specific Buyers Premium attached. Those rates will supersede the standard Buyer's Premium. All items purchased ONLINE will have an additional fee of 3.5%. Additional 3% will be added for all credit card payments. Default of Payment - Failure to pay within 2 business days of auction close may result in the default of sale and incur a penalty of 25% of the final sales price and your bidding privileges revoked. SAC reserves the right to take legal action against any buyer that fails to pay. Removal of Items - Buyer agrees to remove items from the seller's premises no later than 10 business days after sale date. Failure to remove items may result in $20.00 per day per item storage fee at buyers’ expense on the 11th day. Liability of Items - Risk of loss or damage shall fall on the seller until the buyer has paid in full. Once the item is Paid in Full the Buyer will be responsible for the given item left at the auction facility. SAC has no liability to the buyer or seller for items at the auction facility that is being sold or has been sold. Seller is not liable for damages caused at time of loadout by buyer, or buyer’s transportation provider. SAC will assist in loadout to its capabilities when applicable but will not he held liable for any damage that may result due to loadout. SAC will not drive items on trailers for the transportation companies hired by the buyers. Item Abandonment - If you fail to remove an item from a seller's yard within forty-five (45) calendar days it will be deemed as your intention to abandon said item. SAC, on behalf of the seller, may take action including, but not limited to, any appropriate steps under the law to dispose of the item/s. SAC Auctions LLC item abandonment policy – If an item purchased is left on the auction facility for 45 days it will be deemed abandoned. It is the buyers responsibility to contact SAC to arrange pickup or storage if it will exceed the 45 days. Limited Power of Attorney - Buyer hereby appoints SAC Auctions LLC and its authorized representatives as your attorney-in-fact for the sole purpose of executing and providing a bill of sale, when required to transfer ownership to buyer. Liens and Encumbrances - If SAC is unable to clear a lien or obtain a title to items sold, SAC shall return any funds paid by buyer with respect to such item/s once the item/s is returned to the auction facility. How to Contact Us If you have any questions or concerns regarding the buyer terms and conditions related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following email, telephone number or mailing address. Email: info@sacauctions.com Telephone: 704-240-9569 Mailing Address: SAC Auctions LLC 1941 NC HWY 73 IRON STATION, NC 28080 NCAL# 10342