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UPS Store Shipping
UPS Store Shipping

UPS Store Shipping

Lot Closed

Auction by All Things Auctioneers(9334)
This item is in Greer, SC

Overview of UPS Store Shipping

Item Details

To begin with, All Things Auctioneers has NO CONTROL over shipping prices the prices come from the UPS Store directly. We offer to take your winnings to UPS, this is a SERVICE directly to you if you cannot pickup your item(s). Keep this in mind before bidding. We DO NOT transport or ship any type of furniture, large glass lots, chemicals, oil, liquid, gas, ammunition, any type of gun, cabinet & closet lots or large items. We reserve the right to refuse to transport an item due to size and/or weight. We have limited room in our vehicle, please pick up items if you are local. Our driver leaves at 2pm sharp. If you show up at 2:05 & do not call you will still need to go to the UPS Store. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, our driver is unable to transport items to the UPS Store on the day of pickup.


Pick up is Saturday, June 3rd from 11-2pm located at 116 Leesburg Peak, Greer SC.

Auction Details

Antique Collector's Liquidation Auction-Greer-Pt 2116 Leesburg Peak, Greer, SC, 29651Saturday, May 27, 2023 | 9:00 PM CDT

Terms Of Sale

All items sell AS-IS