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Tract 1- 228.09 Taxable Acres
Tract 1- 228.09 Taxable Acres

Tract 1- 228.09 Taxable Acres

Lot Closed

Auction by Merit Auctions, LLC(15)
This item is in Henry County, IA

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Overview of Tract 1- 228.09 Taxable Acres

Item Details

  • FSA information indicates 92.97 acres of tillable cropland. Including 14.09 acres in CRP (CP21) with a payment of $297.85 per acre expiring in 2037 & 31.7 acres in CRP (CP23) with a payment of $259.50 per acre expiring in 2026. The balance of the tillable crop land Is in row crop production.
  • Chelsea-Fayette-Lamont, Fayette & Richwood soils.
  • CSR is 52.7. (66.2 on tillable acres)
  • The balance of the tract offers outstanding hunting & recreational acreage with large hardwood timber areas offering great cover for all species of wildlife. This parcel features Skunk River access on the western portion. There is a nice pond on the parcel as well.
  • Access is on the north by 185th St. 
  • Please note the Purchase Agreement will reflect 228.09 Acres. The bidding platform will round the quantity to 228 acres.

Reichman Trust purchase agreement.pdf


Please contact the Merit Auctions for payment instructions.

Auction Details

Reichman TrustHenry County, IAWednesday, Sep 6, 2023 | 10:00 AM CDT

Auction House

Terms Of Sale

Ten (10%) percent of the bid price to be due on the day of the sale with the balance due in approximately 60 days, on or before Friday, November 3, 2023 upon delivery of a merchantable abstract and deed. At the conclusion of the auction, the successful bidder(s) shall enter into a written agreement with the seller. Signing of said agreement will be executed via email or DocuSign. The real estate taxes will be prorated to the date of closing. Possession will be given at the time of closing subject to a lease with the tenant. Tract sells free and clear for the 2024 crop year. The information in this brochure is believed to be accurate; however, no liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions is assumed. All lines drawn on maps, photographs, etc. are approximate. The Buyer acknowledges that they have carefully and thoroughly inspected the real estate and are familiar with the premises. The Buyer is buying this real estate in its “as is” condition and there are no expressed or implied warranties pertaining to the real estate. All announcements sale day shall take precedence over any prior advertising either written or oral. The Reichman Farm will be sold on a price per acre basis, based on 228.09 taxable acres and the advertised acres found in this brochure. Bidding is NOT contingent upon financing, an appraisal or inspection.