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(2) 315/80R22.5 TIRES
(2) 315/80R22.5 TIRES
(2) 315/80R22.5 TIRES

(2) 315/80R22.5 TIRES

Lot Closed

This item is in Grafton, OH

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Overview of (2) 315/80R22.5 TIRES

Item Details


After you receive your emailed invoice you may contact the auction company to make payment. If no contact is made, the auction company will contact you in 24 hours to collect payment. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE IS NOT IMMEDIATELY CHARGED AFTER THE AUCTION HAS CLOSED. YOU MAY PAY CASH OR CHECK UPON PICK UP IF YOU PREFER Payment will be collected on site if paying cash or check. If Paying with credit card or wire transfer you will need to make payment to the auction company. All wire transfers have a $50 fee. Credit card transactions will have an added 4% convenience fee.
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Auction Details

At the request of the auction company, this auction permits bids to be placed by the auctioneer, and employee of the auctioneer, or the seller or an agent on the seller’s behalf. While Proxibid’s Unified User Agreement prohibits this behavior, in accordance with UCC 2-328, this auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.
This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

Terms Of Sale

All items are sold AS-IS-WHERE-IS, with all faults, with no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose. I understand that any description given in the catalog or written on the equipment is not guaranteed, and I will rely entirely on my own inspection. All information and descriptions contained in advertising this sale are to be believed correct, but no responsibility is assumed by Auctioneer for any errors or omissions. We reserve the right to add or delete items prior to sale time. Please send any specific questions to our email address or call us for more information. All sales are final, any bidders with credit cards declined on reconciliation day will be charged a $30 processing fee to run another credit card- NO EXCEPTIONS. The highest bidder for each Lot shall be the Purchaser, and in the event of any dispute the Auctioneers shall have absolute discretion either to settle such dispute or to re-offer the lot for sale. Once an item has been declared sold to me, I cannot retract my bid and I will be required to carry through with the purchase. I agree that the Seller, any lien holder, or Auctioneer, either person-ally, through the Auctioneer, or through any other person, shall have the right to bid on behalf of the seller, or on their own behalf Online Bidding Terms: Kriegmont Auction Company LLC has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All items are sold AS-IS and it is the bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item. The Auctioneer has described the Lots in the catalog to the best of their ability. The Auctioneer takes no liability whatever in respect of any faults, deficiencies, and errors of any description, oral or printed, nor do they accept responsibility for the authenticity, genuineness, origin, hours, age, condition or quality of any Lot and all statements as to these matters whether contained in the catalog or made orally are statements of opinion only and not to be taken as being or implying a statement or representation of fact. The Auctioneer provides no guarantees or warranties (express or implied) in respect of the Equipment contained in the Lot. Auctioneer accepts no liability for any purchase made by a Buyer in reliance upon them. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED. There is a 13% buyer premium added to your total. All invoices must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. We accept cash, Check, Credit card (3% convenience fee), and Wire transfer ($50 fee). ADDITIONAL CREDIT CARD TERMS: There is a NO CHARGE BACK PROVISION. Bidder/Buyer agrees he/she will not under any circumstance initiate a chargeback, waiving such rights that may exist under the agreement between bidder/buyer and credit card companies. The bidder/buyer further agrees should a charge back be initiated, the bidder/buyer terms and conditions will be conclusive evidence of the bidder’s waiver if a chargeback should be successful. The bidder/buyer remains liable for the purchase price, plus the buyer premium, plus cost of collection including attorneys’ fee. PICK UP AND SHIPPING: All lots may be picked up onsite following the auction, After 7 days a $10.00/ a day storage fee will be charged. All storage will need to be paid before an item is released. Online auctions move quickly if you are interested in an item bid quickly. Kriegmont Auction Company LLC will not be responsible for bids missed due to internet failure, or any other technical difficulty. Purchases become my responsibility and I assume all risk of loss or damage immediately upon declaration of “SOLD” by the Auctioneer. It shall be my responsibility to insure my purchases immediately. The Auctioneer shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any lot. I agree that I will pay in full with cash or verified paid or certified funds within the time announced or posted at the auction site. If I pay by wire transfer, my purchase will be released to me upon confirmation of the wire transfer. If I pay by company or personal check, I understand that ownership transfers upon declaration of “SOLD” by the Auctioneer, but I will not be permitted to remove my purchase until the funds are verified paid or I have an approval in writing from the Auctioneer. Any check returned for insufficient funds shall incur a service fee of $50.00, as well as result in the breach of the terms of this contract for failure to make payment as required hereby, in which case Auctioneer shall have all rights and remedies provided herein. If you win an items in the auction, you will be notified via email no later than the closing of the next business day. In order to better serve our customers all bidders are required to provide their name. address, daytime phone number, email address with a valid credit card on file. This is to ensure good communication between bidders and the auction company through all transactions. The purchaser agrees: All costs, responsibility and risk of such removal shall be borne by me and, in every case, I will use prudence and care in such removal. If for any reason I fail to remove any of my purchases within the time specified, the Auctioneer shall have the right but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to resell, discard or remove and store said purchase at my sole risk and expense, without waving any rights that Auctioneer or Seller may have against me. I shall be liable for all storage charges and damages paid by the Auctioneer because of my failure to remove my purchases. If I fail to complete the purchase of any item pursuant to these terms and conditions, any money deposited in part payment shall be first applied against Auctioneer's damages, including storage charges, before payment of the purchase price. All items not purchased will be resold by public or private sale without further notice, at my risk and expense. In that event, I will be held responsible for any deficit between my successful bid and the price for which the item is resold and charges arising from such resale. I agree to indemnify and hold Auctioneer harmless from all loss, cost, expense, and other damage (including reasonable attorney's fees), directly or indirectly sustained by the Auctioneer or other Seller, arising from or related to my or my Agent's failure to comply with these terms of bidding and sale or other breach of the terms of this Agreement. I shall not be entitled to any portion of the amount received by Auctioneer in the event of a resale in which an item is sold for more than my successful bid. that a fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance to the auction company and any other cost or losses incurred by the purchaser’s failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute will be heard in Lorain County, Ohio. The auctioneer has the sole discretion to advance the bidding and may reject a nominal advance, should it in his estimation prove injurious to the auction. The auctioneer shall be the final judge in all bidding disputes and shall name a bidder as the purchaser. The auction company shall not be held responsible for any 'missed' bids or bids unseen by the auctioneer. All sales are final. By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of the auction. The auction company reserves the right to refuse service or decline registration to any person. All announcements made day of auction take precedence over any and all written, verbal, or electronic statements.